Placed on a hill overlooking White River, the scenic and peaceful surroundings create the perfect environment for the students of Accelerated Academy to thrive and learn. Accelerated Academy was established in 1999 and is based on a Christian ethos and values.

Each learner receives individual attention with a maximum ratio of 2 staff members per 20 students. The academy is Bible based with high standards – the minimum required pass rate is 80% per test, enabling learners to excel when reaching tertiary level education.

Accelerated Academy has a unique approach to education, utilizing the ACE curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education) provided by ACE Ministries. The programme, driven by dedicated individuals, uses results-driven processes rather than conventionally applied time-focused education curricula, making it possible for the learner to achieve their full academic potential.

Education is individualized, meaning that a student works at his / her own pace and hence could finish school earlier, as they are able to proceed immediately with the next grade once they have finished their current one.


Primary School – ACE Curriculum

High School
IEB Curriculum/AEE Online

Accelerated Academy offers classes from Grade 000 to Grade RRR to 12.

IEB is done via AEE Online.


Department of Education registration no: EMIS30270